Daily duties of a firefighter

A fire fighter’s activity isn’t exactly what we are accustomed to seeing on TV. It is a physically and rationally difficult occupation that requires consistent consideration, devotion and preparing to ensure the firefighter is over his/her diversion when called into a crisis circumstance.

“This is a skilled position that entails firefighting, rescue, emergency medical care, and other related emergency services. Firefighters participate in programs designed for the prevention of fires and the saving of life and property. A Firefighter is responsible for rapidly, efficiently and safely performing various duties under emergency conditions frequently involving considerable hazard.” Read More Here…..

The fundamental obligations of a full-time firefighter are to help secure the general population in crisis circumstances. They react to a wide assortment of calls, for example, auto collisions, synthetic spills, flooding, water protects and general safeguard and also fires. With many fire groups being prepared as people on call they can give emergency treatment until the landing of rescue vehicle faculty. Notwithstanding going to crisis call outs and protecting individuals and creatures from hazardous circumstances, the activity involves.

“The responsibilities of today’s firefighter extend well beyond the job title, which only describes the fire extinguishment aspect of their jobs. In fact, approximately 80 percent of the Fire & Medical District’s call volume consists of medical emergencies (most fire departments in the Phoenix Metropolitan area have a similar percentage of medical responses).” Read More Here…



The essential capacity of a  Firefighter is to shield the group from debacle circumstances, including house and building fires, and advance a situation of open security inside the City of  Fire, Health and Medical Department’s reaction zone. This position likewise partakes in flame counteractive action and review exercises, hardware and quarters support, and preparing to manage all periods of flame concealment, anticipation, assessment, save and crisis operation. A worker in this order plays out the obligations of different representatives in the  Fire, Health and Medical Department when so allocated. For more information about Daily duties of a firefighter visit our website…..