How To Help Elderly

Nowadays the question of assistance to lonely pensioners is one of the most widespread in today’s society. People who had worked hard all their life they had been creating our future, today they cannot take care of themselves, and very often their pension payments are too low, so it can be seen that they were abandoned to the mercy of fate.

The resource provides in the article the importance why elderly need our support.

Elderly Woman Ineligible for Government Medical Assistance

WESLACO — While some seniors are eligible to receive their medical benefits, others struggle to cover their costly bills because they don’t qualify for government assistance.

Josefina Franco is an 83-year-old who’s never had any formal art training. In the last few years, she started drawing.

Franco’s husband, Bonifacio, was having health problems. She said caring for him took a toll on her nerves. Now, it’s Franco who needs the attention.

Franco’s daughter, Gabriela Nannery, said her mother broke her leg and needed surgery.

Franco now has to use a walker to get around.

“After that, she’s been in constant care,” Nannery said.

Franco moves around less. She stays in the house more. A helper is available when Nannery and her siblings are not.

The helper, medication, and emergency care have all added up. Franco needs to pay more than $1,000 a month.

Franco is not from the U.S.; she’s from Reynosa. However, she is a legal U.S. resident. She’s not eligible for Medicare. Continue reading here…

Very important role in the guardianship of the elderly lonely and disabled people plays spiritual communication, moral support, kind and merciful attitude towards their concerns and problems. This is the category of people we should treat reverently, with the open heart and with love in the heart, no matter what their nationality, faith, and outlook of life are.

Maryalene LaPonsie from the portal in her article demonstrated how the elderly people need our care.

10 Tips for Encouraging Resistant Elderly Parents to Accept Assistance

My aunt, 83, is like my third parent.

She taught in schools around the world and spent every summer living with us. Always single and with no children of her own, she has been, in my mind, a part of our immediate – not extended – family. I love and adore her.

However, a lifetime of living single can apparently also make you impervious to the suggestion you might need help. Even after a fall on the ice that left her outside in the cold for hours, my aunt stubbornly insisted she was fine to live alone in her house.

No Easy Answers for Helping Resistant Relatives

As my aunt’s ability to live independently lessened, I read everything I could on the subject of elder care and found myself frustrated time and time again as books and articles glossed over the process of getting an elderly relative help. Often, what was implied to be a lengthy ordeal was reduced to a single sentence, “We finally convinced mom to move out of her house.” Continue reading here…

The following video demonstrates the importance of the elderly people being cared.

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