Impressive Web Designs For The New Era

A website acts as a physical store for people who visit your website. So website designs shall be made in a proper form to make them more customers friendly and attractive to gain customers. Impressive web designs must be created in the same way as if you are an architect of a physical store.

AListApart has featured this post by Ethan Marcotte about responsive web designs:

Responsive Web Design

by Ethan Marcotte May 25, 2010

The control which designers know in the print medium, and often desire in the web medium, is simply a function of the limitation of the printed page. We should embrace the fact that the web doesn’t have the same constraints, and design for this flexibility. But first, we must ‘accept the ebb and flow of things.’
John Allsopp, “A Dao of Web Design”

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An impressive web design is more than just focusing on the landscape page. So don’t get in to too much thinking. You also need to think of the general workflow of the page that it does not only look visually attractive but also it should be easy to use and functional as well.

If you need inspiration, check out this post by Denise Lu at Mashable:

17 Sites for Web Design Inspiration

Denise Lu

Now that anyone can learn to code, and probably should, web design and development are becoming more and more personal in both approach and learning curves.

There’s a plethora of ways to tackle web dev and code, and professional designers and developers are no different. We asked several developers from various online publications what their favorite sources are for design and code inspiration, and the results are as varied as the projects these professionals make themselves.

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For creating attractive and eye catching web designs you first need to picture, plan and list down your thoughts. For creating an ideal and easy to navigate web design there is nothing better than this start.

Here is a video tutorial by Draw with Jazza:

First think of what you want your website to look like before even playing with the layout of the website. You first need to think of the content and picture how you want the layout to be. Many hits and misses are involved in it. In this phase you need to work with pencil and paper and then gather your thoughts and then merge the functionality of the layout.