How to maintain healthy diet after SculpSure procedure?

Even if you exercise regularly, there are stubborn areas that just cannot be worked out. No matter how healthy you live, sometimes it´s impossible to get rid of the trouble spots. If you´re thinking about undergoing a plastic surgery, but feel afraid of going under the knife, consider SculpSure.

SculpSure is a non-invasive fat loss procedure that´s almost as effective as liposuction. It´s a laser-based technique melting the fat under your skin. In some cases, it´s possible to lose about 25% of fat tissue after only one treatment. SculpSure´s safety has been proved by FDA. The results are visible after only one treatment. The most important benefits of SculpSure are given below.

  1. It´s much faster than liposuction

One session is usually 25 minutes long, and after that, there´s no recovering period. That means that you can go back to your regular daily activities right after the treatment. During the procedure, SculpSure applicators are placed on treated areas and are affected by lasers.

  1. Results are usually permanent

Even though the results are seen only a month after the procedure, you will see the real effect probably after six months. But what´s more important is that once the fat is gone, it doesn´t come back easily. SculpSure is also helpful for rebuilding elastin and collagen so you´ll avoid saggy skin.

  1. Benefits all parts of your body

This kind of technique works very well for any body shape, size or skin type. The lasers don´t vacuum the fat tissue which means that they can be applied to any body part, such as stomach, arms, thighs or calfs.

To keep the results permanent, you´ll have to be very careful with your diet, especially if you eat outside. Since many dining establishments have included healthier options to their menus, you must create a smart-eating strategy if you want to maintain the new shape of your body.

Picking a restaurant

If you already know that you´re going to a restaurant, make sure to check their offers ahead of time. In case their menus are available online, read them carefully and look for nutrition information. Also, if you´re going out with your children, choose a restaurant that caters to kids.


Always include healthier options from all food groups such as protein food, vegetables, fruits or whole grains. Ask how food was prepared, and try to avoid anything pan-fried, scalloped, crispy, or dipped. Instead, go with baked, grilled or steamed food.

Try to substitute unhealthy dishes with healthier alternatives such as side salad instead of fries, or ask for smaller portions of the meat and bigger portions of the vegetables. You should just assume that they serve the food the way you want it and just ask for it because most restaurants will cooperate.


Keep in mind that it takes approximately 20 minutes for the brain to receive the message from your stomach that you aren´t hungry anymore. So you´ll have to eat as slowly as you can in order to eat less and still be satisfied. SculpSure cannot replace physical activity and balanced diet. However, if you feel that the procedure can significantly improve the way you look, think about SculpSure Tampa Bay Egozi Plastic Surgery Center, They will ensure you get all the important information. Simply search in your browser ˝Fat Loss Tampa˝ and you will find them easily.