Pest Removal for a Clean and Safe Restaurant

If you are running a restaurant, you must make sure your kitchen is pristine clean and pest-free. Different types of nuisance animals, such as rats, cockroaches, termites, flies and similar will often try to invade your restaurant and kitchen, giving you a big headache and lots of trouble. In order to avoid an insect invasion, you must properly dispose of any leftovers in your restaurant. If not, you will attract cockroaches, mice, rats and other pests that may affect the health of your customers and employees. If you don’t address this issue in a timely manner, the presence of these animals can greatly push away your customers or even give you a failing mark from the health department. It is vital for every serious restaurant and food business to contact exterminators to come to their aid when their services are needed. Only with their help, you can maintain a healthy, safe and pest-free business.

Signs of Pest Invasion in Your Restaurant

If you think that insects or rodent have invaded your restaurant, you should inspect it and contact pest control services. Look for any possible hideouts of animals and insects by searching for signs of eggs, feces, droppings and cast skins. Flies, roaches and rodents usually leave signs of infestations that can be found in garbage cans, floor drains, electrical outlets and boxes, behind the kitchen counters, under the sink, in the wall void and so on. Also, check your electrical appliance because bugs love nesting and hiding at warm places. If your tables and chairs have any cracks or holes, they can provide an excellent shelter for rodents and roaches.

The most important part of critter control is proper sanitation. If you keep your garbage cans clean, as well as your floors, kitchen, drains, sinks, kitchen surfaces, equipment and appliances, you shouldn’t have to worry about critter invasion. Apart from keeping your restaurant clean, you should also seal any opening and possible entrances to your kitchen. Windows and doors should also be kept closed or under surveillance when opened. You can also apply preventive measures outside the building to avoid insects and rodents near your food business.

Eliminating These Three Common Pests

Three common pests restaurants usually have to deal with are roaches, flies and rodents. To avoid and eliminate cockroaches, you should focus on the wall holes, crevices, and cracks which these insects frequently use to hide. Insecticides should be a good preventive measure both for roaches and flies. If you continuously have problems with insects, you should call pest control specialists.

To avoid rodents, you should ensure all holes and other entry points where rat may pass by are sealed. All your surroundings must be clean and tidy, especially in the area where the food is cooked and stored. Although mouse traps can help, the only permanent solution for this problem is to contact a rodent removal service. As soon as you contact a local critter control company, they will come to your restaurant, thoroughly inspect it and determine the best way to remove the nuisance.